Please note that I am currently working on a book entitled "Physics", that I plan to release in pdf format on my website in early September 2016.

The book is a Unification Theory between Classical Physics, Quantum Mechanics, String Theory and Chaos Theory.

It unifies these theories with the Tao, and so is a Unification Theory between Physics and Psychic Ability, establishing the foundations of psychic phenomena explained in a comprehensive framework of physics.

It is the culmination of a lifetime's work.

To be released early September, 2016.

It will include the solution to the Quantum Measurement Paradox which I solved in 1994, the solution to the Collapse of the Wave Function, which I also solved in 1994, and the solution to the Mirror Refection Problem, which I solved in 2013 and which overthrows Quantum Mechanics.

And it will show how the Energy-Mass Equivalence falls naturally from String Theory, which I solved in 2016. The explanation of Dark Matter will also be included, which I solved in 2013.

There will be further new research, such as an explanation of how the matter-antimatter distribution after the Big Bang falls naturally from Chaos Theory and String Theory.

And of course I will be including and extrapolating on other research that I have previously released. Such as the Origin of Disease through superposition of waveforms and the Origin of Life through Cymatic Resonance.

I have been releasing research for quite a number of years now. To Princeton, Cambridge, CERN, the University of Northampton, the European Space Agency, the City College of New York, the Institute of Noetic Sciences and others. Both theoretical and experimental research.

That said, this is the first time that I am releasing so much research all contained in a single volume. It will be by far my most comprehensive work. 

I do not release all, for certain key research I must withhold until financial and legal agreements are in place. These include the new fuels for the space industry that I solved in 2013, the new Quantum Drive Engine designs that I solved in 2014, with new design enhancements from 2016, and the new power generator systems that I wrote about in 2015.  Plus the new computer systems from my work in 2013, which I have continued to develop over these past three years, following my breakthrough of 2013.

However, I will be releasing a great deal, for this is the single biggest document I have ever worked on. Actually, a book. Much of the research will be research that I am releasing for the first time. In one volume. And this research, this physics,  is all focused around one theme - the unification of physics with psychic ability. It is a physics of X-men. Of the Jedi.

To be released early September, 2016.





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